bbq safety.jpg
  • Never light a BBQ or let it seethe or chill off in bound spaces to avoid poisoning from carbon monoxide. Gas products should be frequently overhauled and safety checked. 
  • Carbon monoxide is a harmful gas and can't be seen or noticed. The six principal signs and indications of carbon monoxide harming are cerebral pains, queasiness, dizziness, shortness of breath, fall and loss of awareness. 
  • When using a gas BBQ ensure that the hose is appended securely and undamaged. Only change the gas barrel outdoors after ensuring the gas tap is turned off. 
  • Always keep children away from BBQ when is use or in the process of cooling down. 
  • Test the gas leaks before putting the flame. If you can smell the gas ensure to turn off the source. Also keep it safe by not storage gas cylinders away from BBQ area. 
  • Never attempt to disconnect the gas fittings while the BBQ is in use.