Toys Safety

toys safety.png
  • Ensure that the toy is suitable for the child, always check for recommended age restrictions. 
  • Be extra careful with toys that recommend 3+ age. Small parts can be a hazard for children.
  • Regularly check toys for small parts, sharp edges and points that might develop over time.
  • Keeping the play area tidy prevent from most accidents with kids.
  • Always follow the instructions and warnings provided with the toys. 
  • Supervising your children play will always provide extra safety. 
  • Children under the age of three should never be allowed to play with toys which are marked as being unstable for them. 
  • Encourage children to play with only one toy at a time and to put them away after the play. Majority of accidents can by prevented by this. 
  • Always ensure to fit the batteries in toys the correct way. 
  • Children should not be allowed to change batteries without supervision.
  • Disposing off the packaging of toys correctly is crucial as packaging itself can become a play material which possess hazards of strangling.