HOMCOM 151.5L×19W×82H cm MDF Radiator Cover-White


HOMCOM 151.5L×19W×82H cm MDF Radiator Cover-White


This Homcom radiator cover is a must for any home, cover your unsightly radiators and give your room a touch of elegance. Made with MDF board with a diamond shape grill, it is finished in white as a neutral colour to match any décor. The cover has a front grill design to look great and still radiate the heat efficiently and still have enough access to any controls attached. It’s easy to assemble and will look great in any décor.

• Made of MDF in diamond shape grill.
• Simple and contemporary design
• Ideal to stylize the radiator with modern and stylish outlook
• Offer many benefits, such as protecting hands and hide old radiators
• Offer extra surface space to display belongings
• With white elegant front and wooden carving back
• Assembly required 

• Material: MDF
• Colour: White
• Overall Dimension: 151.5L×19W×82H cm
• Net Weight: 13.5kg

9 Parts shown above:
Part 1 Size: 80.3L×11W×1.5T
Part 2 Size: 56.1L×10.5W×1.5T cm
Part 3 Size: 56.1L×10.5W×1.5T cm
Part 4 Size: 80.3L×11W×1.5T cm
Part 5 Size: 80.3L×11W×1.5T cm
Part 6 Size: 60.1L×47.9W×3T cm
Part 7 Size: 80.3L×17W×1.5T cm
Part 8 Size: 80.3L×17W×1.5T cm
Part 9-1 Size: 70.6L×19W×1.5T cm
Part 9-2 Size: 70.6L×19W×1.5T cm

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